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Studio Catoir




Studio Catoir, founded by husband and wife duo Elisa and Michael Catoir in 2006, is a prestigious luxury interior design studio based in France. Specialized in creating exquisite private homes and boutique hotels, Studio Catoir takes pride in conceiving unique spaces that perfectly reflect their clients’ personalities and individual requirements. With their exceptional talent, they have been recognized and awarded the Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in France in 2023.

Elisa Catoir, the lead interior designer, possesses a distinct creative background, having spent her childhood in various regions like Europe, South America, North Africa, and South Asia. Her diverse cultural encounters during those formative years profoundly influence her design approach. She completed her interior design studies at ESAG-Penninghen Paris, graduating in 1999. She then gained experience at Studios Architecture, Paris, working on office projects, and further honed her skills as a project manager for hotel design and private residences at Studio Matteo Thun & Partners, Milan. This journey culminated in the establishment of Studio Catoir in April 2006.

Michael Catoir, the studio’s designer, brings a keen eye for high-quality craftsmanship and a deep understanding of current design trends. His apprenticeship as a carpenter laid the foundation for his passion for cabinet making and fashion. He pursued Industrial Design studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, graduating in 1997. Over the years, he enriched his expertise by working with distinguished names like Habitat France, Andrée Putman, and Sieger Design. He later served as the head of the Interior Design and Styling Department for Studio Matteo Thun & Partners, Milan, until co-founding Studio Catoir alongside Elisa.

Studio Catoir’s design philosophy centers around beauty, elegance, and surprise. They believe in weaving together unexpected material combinations with exquisite craftsmanship, resulting in bespoke interiors and furniture. Collaborating closely with skillful craftsmen, they bring their clients’ visions to life in a way that blends traditional techniques with innovative designs. Their furniture collection, presented at the prestigious Grand Palais during the International Biennial of Crafts and Creations Révélations in 2017, showcased a perfect fusion of traditional know-how, durability, and contemporary design.

With an unwavering commitment to their craft and an unparalleled creative spirit, Studio Catoir continues to set new benchmarks in the realm of luxury interior design. Whether it’s a private residence or a boutique hotel, Studio Catoir will transform your spaces into havens that reflect your true essence, where beauty and elegance embrace in delightful surprise.

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