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Soura Madani House of Design




Soura Madani House of Design is an Interior Design and Architecture firm established over a decade ago. The firm is specialized in high-end projects ranging from commercial brands to hospitality, residential and unique identity projects. Their approach to their projects is immensely personal and they consider each project a unique creation that the talented team carries from inception to completion.

The Creative Principle and Managing Director is Soura Madini, and she comes with over 25 years of experience in interior design and architecture, as well as collaborating with high-end brands. Soura has led over five generations of designers and architects through her journey of self-actualization of becoming a true professional while creating a master class portfolio of high-end projects throughout her career.

For their award-winning project in the Best Luxury Commercial interior design category for the restaurant Soleil in Jordan, the company elegantly designed a vivid artisanal glasshouse where indoors and outdoors flow meticulously, and the focus is on what’s fresh from the farm to the table. There’s something for everyone at Soleil as guests sit back and absorb the stunning scenery of light features and beautiful plant life adorning the surroundings.

The company has built trust with its clients based on its experience and expertise in interior and architecture design and its impressive portfolio consists of many collaborations with first-class brands. Aside from projects, SMHD designs materials for its projects, and this ranges from technical marble, signature colors, and patterns branded under their name as well as furrowed stone. The adaption of the latest trends and approaching the changes in the industry with leniency, allows SMHD to remain at the forefront of their industry and they find this as one of the major factors which contribute to them maintaining the rhythm of their work.

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