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Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. LTD(BTW DESIGN)



Company Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. LTD(BTW DESIGN)

Category: Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Guangdong

AddressRoom 103, well B, 1 / f, libaoyi biological engineering building, no. 25 shihua road, fubao street, Futian, SZ, China.

Contact personMiss Gong 15012660258


Our senior designers all have experience and background of working in large international companies. We are mainly focused on the integrated service of hard decoration + soft decoration = interior design = design and soft decoration. Our project management, from the beginning to the completion, according to the customer’s requirements, first of all, focuses on the original purchase design of the project. Secondly, we strive to ensure the efficient operation of the project. And then, our aim is to provide the highest level of construction management services and materials synchronized with the world. Our projects meet the requirements of engineering energy conservation and environmental protection, and extend the design intent to the project construction process.

We have long been committed to the design research and practice of large-scale urban complex projects, especially in star hotels, real estate development, high-end clubs, office buildings, and high-end residences. Our team has accumulated a wealth of experience in such areas. Relying on our persistent pursuit of art and a deep understanding of the market, we have made outstanding achievements in the fields of architectural design, environmental design, interior design, and soft decoration engineering.

We pursue the excellence and integrity of each design work. We promote demarcation design and strengthen our quality with in-depth knowledge.


Project Name: Suzhou Yinshan Lake Fengqi Wutong 260 Villa – Wharf Holdings Limited

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