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Noblesse Group International




Noblesse Group International stands as a pinnacle of architectural and interior design excellence celebrated both within Romania and on the global stage. Founded by the visionary Loredana Preda in 2007, the firm’s journey has been marked by a loyal dedication to the creation of unparalleled environments, earning it Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 3 different categories in 2023:

  • Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Romania;
  • Best Luxury Restaurant Interior Design for Helise Restaurant for Alma Health & Spa Retreat in Romania;
  • and Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design for Alma Health & Spa Retreat in Romania.

With its headquarters nestled in Bucharest, Romania, Noblesse Group International has expanded its influence far beyond its borders. The studio’s exceptional prowess is evident through its remarkable projects in France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, leaving an indelible mark on the international design scene.

Crafting a unique narrative of luxury, Noblesse Group International is more than an interior design studio—it is a paradigm shift. Fusing the world’s most exquisite furniture collections, finishes, lighting fixtures, and décor elements, the studio offers a comprehensive suite of services for turnkey projects, resulting in flawless, cohesive spaces that exude opulence and sophistication.

Distinguished by its diverse portfolio, Noblesse Group International excels in residential, HoReCa, office, and commercial projects. Architects and designers within the studio are more than professionals; they are curators of singular narratives, weaving the essence of each client or brand into their creations.

Notable among their endeavors is the Alma Health & Spa Retreat, a testament to Noblesse Group International’s mastery. The spa’s modern design adheres to the highest standards, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every facet. In the Allegria restaurant, art deco influences meld seamlessly with luxury, forming an exquisite ambiance that resonates with patrons. Meanwhile, the Sallago restaurant boasts an industrial-chic aesthetic, skillfully harmonizing materials, and lighting to create a serene, inviting atmosphere.

The journey of Noblesse Group International has been one of continuous innovation and recognition. From annual awards to Boutique and Architecture accolades, the studio consistently sets new benchmarks in the industry. The embodiment of an authentic and beautiful lifestyle, Noblesse Group International extends beyond design into art and events through brands like Noblesse Interiors, Studio InSign, Fusion Arts, Palatul Noblesse – Lifestyle Palace, and Noblesse Academy.

As the studio forges ahead, it remains committed to redefining luxury, crafting environments that not only embrace opulence but also capture the essence of each individual story and brand. Noblesse Group International is not just a design firm—it’s a visionary force shaping the landscape of elegance and grandeur.

Noblesse Group International
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