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Luxe Interior Sdn Bhd




Luxe Interior does the necessary so you can focus on your dream space. The Design studio is a multi-faceted and complete interior design service provider for both residential and commercial projects, catering to clients within and beyond the borders of Malaysia. Founded in 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, the company has grown exponentially and has a team made up of passionate individuals – experts in their fields.

Luxe Interior strives to inspire through the creation of beautiful and purposeful spaces which are sculpted around each client’s individual desires. They offer a wide range of services to specifically complement the needs of every proposed space, from private residential homes to public commercial spaces or offices. They offer a wide range of services which span from conceptual design, 2D space planning, 3D illustrations, design, and schedule programming, as well as project management and execution. Both design consultation and construction services, including space planning, interior design and renovation are offered.

Luxe Interior believes that knowledge, skill, and implicit respect for details are paramount in shaping a life of quality. They strive to bring these facets together with unmatched precision in every design and create the space their clients dream of, ultimately, providing a raised, sustainable, and purposeful quality of living.

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