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Living Spirit




Living Spirit is a premier Interior Design and Furnishing company. With the opening of a furniture showroom next to our design office, we are now able to showcase our own brand of furniture, alongside the imported ones. We are the exclusive Doha agents of some of the famous brands of furnishing items.

We are a full service Interior Design firm, catering to the high-end clientele. We believe in taking full control of the project, the reason why we don’t work with subcontractors.

The fabrication of gypsum work, custom millwork and furniture, as well as marble & granite is all done through our factories, whether in Qatar or in Lebanon.
Installation is done through our highly trained workers that operate under the supervision of our dedicated on-site project managers. The best designs are the brainchild of a group of exceptionally talented interior designers and architects.

For the past couple of years, Living Spirit has continuously contributed to “creating a better everyday life for many people”. Behind our success lies a constant quest to try to do everything better, more simplified and efficient in order to offer good design and function. By knowing our clients, how they live and all possible activities that take place in a home, gives us the opportunity to show understanding of people’s needs. Offering solutions to these needs is what Living Spirit business is all about. With smart and functional ways based on activities and needs at home, we offer more than the conventional and contribute to better daily living.

For years, the company has managed to find a perfect niche for us in the competitive construction and interior design industry in Lebanon, Qatar and Ukraine, and is starting to be known as well in neighboring countries around the Middle East and the rest of the gulf states.

Currently engaged in several projects, with involvement of some of the most prominent figures in the country, we have created a team of interior designers and architects with highly specialized skills and effective teamwork. The combined skills and experience of our work force provides the technical support and advice that ensures quality service tailored to answer the individual needs of our clients.


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