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Latitude Design Sdn Bhd



Category: Best Luxury Interior Design Studio, Malaysia

Latitude Design Sdn Bhd is a leading interior design studio in Malaysia. It was founded by the dynamic Echo Chang in 2003 after a bold decision on her part to pursue entrepreneurship. Leveraging the several years of experience she had gained at leading corporations, Chang established Latitude Design Sdn Bhd with the distinct ambition to elevate the standard of original interior design in Malaysia.

Now, with almost two decades of experience, Latitude Design Sdn Bhd is a highly regarded studio, relied upon by some of the elite of Malaysia who entrust Chang to deliver her quality, unique designs on commercial and residential projects, including single-room renovations, whole dwelling refurbishments and full-scale architectural renovations.

Supported by a team of qualified, highly creative and experienced designers and architects, Chang continues to lead the studio in her capacity as founder and chief designer, a role that sees her maintain oversight on all the work done in the studio to ensure a consistent, quality outcome that upholds the reputation of Latitude Design Sdn Bhd.

“By working closely with our clients and understanding their outcomes, we are able to over deliver on our work and transform spaces, bringing the client’s vision to life in a way that they could not have imagined. We are very passionate about this and are proud every time we complete a project to client satisfaction,” says Chang.

It comes as no surprise then that in 2022, Luxury Lifestyle Awards awarded Latitude Design Sdn Bhd the title Best Luxury Interior Design Studio, Malaysia, which was awarded in recognition of the studio’s innovative classic modern, traditional and neoclassical styling.

Latitude Design Sdn Bhd also offers one-stop renovation services as well as project management capabilities, which includes project planning, budgeting and scheduling to ensure the successful completion of projects.

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