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Lapis Bureau




Lapis Bureau (LxB) is a multi-disciplinary design practice established in Hong Kong and Shenzhen by Italian
architects Freddy Curiél and Deborah Campana together with Chinese partner, Aaron Huang.

“Lapis” besides meaning pencil in latin language, it also stands as an acronym for the wide range of design
scales and services provided to clients developing from larger Landscape planning, to Architecture, Products
and Interior design Solutions.

LxB offers out-of-the-box design, often as a cross-over result of different disciplines, know-how and visions,
comfortably merging in unique design strategies to satisfy the specific needs of each and every client worldwide.

Having a very comprehensive portfolio of projects executed and built for some of the major players in the
market, especially in luxury retail and office wellbeing design, Lapis Bureau has successfully collaborated with brands
such as Luxottica, Cassina, Giorgetti, MOMA and Tencent among others, realising their latest headquarters,
showrooms or flagship stores.

Since 2015 LxB is operating and recognised in top luxury sector as ideal partner for projects at all design

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