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inD’finity Design




inD’finity Design Sdn Bhd was set up by Darren Gan as a boutique interior design, architecture and lifestyle service provider with international capability to help transform lives and improve quality of living rather than being a brick-and-mortar company. We help realise your “dream home” and not just a “house”.

inD’finity Design provides a wide range of services, including the upgrade of conception on planning, design and build is pivoted on three major upgrades: the upgrade of service quality, the upgrade of lifestyle, and last but not least, the more profound aspect, the upgrade of the whole industry, and the pleasure of creating and owning a worry-free home that beautifies your life.

The company takes initiatives to use eco-friendly building materials, from ionizer paint, eco tiles, solar energy panels and more. It also encourages the use of “recycled” items such as old photographs as aesthetic design like Memory Wall for home owners.

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