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IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects





IAIA – Idea Art Interiors Architects is a 27-year-old boutique interior design firm with two offices, located in Dubai and Sharjah.

Aiming at improving the quality of life, IAIA – Idea Art Interiors Architects has developed an interest in design narratives that do not only speak to the client, but also to every visitor of the space. IAIA – Idea Art Interiors Architects design philosophy is the belief in the process that takes a project from an idea to a concrete reality. This process requires a thoughtful understanding of the needs, challenges, and parameters surrounding a project.

Based in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, IAIA – Idea Art Interiors Architects secured a team of experienced and imaginative creative designers. Over the years, IAIA – Idea Art Interiors Architect’s team has established a high level of design standards by completing a variety of projects.

The team boasts of combining workmanship, space arranging, detailing, finishing, furnishings, and unique fit-out arrangements that satisfy their clients’ needs and redefine aesthetics and design standards.

The firm has garnered an international clientele,  designing their homes, villas, resorts, restaurants, cafés, shops, stores, workplaces, and more. Founders Ramzi and Darine pride themselves on their firm which can expand and retract according to the scale of their projects.

Today, IAIA – Idea Art Interiors Architects challenges the status quo’s trends and vogues by appealing to the user and his experience in the space. Producing ideal aesthetics becomes the result of a long process of design conversations, brainstorming, sketches, modeling, and prototyping.


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