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HOLA Design




HOLA Design is a Polish interior design studio, founded in Warsaw over 15 years ago by Monika and Adam Bronikowski. Today, we operate not only throughout Poland, but also Europe. When presenting our projects on Facebook or Instagram, we often use two hashtags: #answertheneeds and # forceofdiversity. It communicates our thinking about design in a condensed form. First, customer needs. Answering them is the only guarantee of everyday comfort in using the interior that is created by our studio. Secondly, the variety of styles in which we move. Not closing in one gives an architect a chance for creative development and at the same clients – a chance to fulfill their own (and not only the designer) dreams of a new home. Reflections on styles or trends have never been particularly close to us. What we focus on as a priority are functions, finish quality and aesthetic consistency.

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