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Heidi Gubbins Interior Design




Heidi Gubbins is an interior designer based in Marbella, Spain with an array of projects under-belt. Her knowledge and years of experience from small to high-end luxury projects in both interior design and refurbishment commissions, makes her a solid professional to work with.

Heidi’s portfolio boasts projects in Spain, The U.K. and Miami. She is versatile and has an eye for style that is innate, giving each space a singular touch.

Heidi Gubbins believes that an inquisitive and intuitive mind is the way to an innovative design. She is inspired by the mélange of contemporary lines and vintage touches. She achieves curated interiors by choosing materials and pieces that contrast and complement each other, thus creating spaces that are distinguished, vibrant and alive.

Her stylish approach coupled by her focus, attention to detail and sensitivity to her clients´ wishes, has given her the opportunity to continue to transform spaces for private clients and to collaborate with design firms and architects alike, both in Spain and abroad.

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