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Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya




The Design-bureau of Marina Putilovskaya is a unique design studio, which has been working on Russian and international markets of premium interiors for more than 25 years.

Our professional team creates a unique proposal for each of our clients, as our aim is to build a house of his dream where he wants to live for many years and generations.

«I am always trying to create a space, which will exist for decades. Our secret is easy — when we create an interior, we always think about the person for who we make it. We listen to his dreams and dream with him», — Marina Putilovskaya

Each of our projects has its own character as it is full of unrepeatable elements, such as marble panels, forgings, stucco, stained-glass windows, and other details.

For 25 years of work we have gained a lot of experience, and we continue to use all the latest technologies so that our customer gets the best result.

We work with the best and most professional partners all over the world.

By choosing us you are getting your dream come true.

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