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Creativ Interior




Creativ Interior is an interior design studio focused on premium interior design, specialized in personalizing homes down to the smallest detail, in order to offer the best customer experience.

Studies in the field, but especially experience with the premium market, have shaped us to have a winning thinking focused on customer comfort, on a complete service from project to implementation.

The transformation from project to reality must be done in a certain order, based on a well-defined management, a very good relationship with the suppliers Creativ Interior subordinates and subcontracts in all projects, organizing according to a well-defined schedule both on construction and delivery.

Creativ Interior identifies themselves working in the eclectic and classic styles. They develop these styles from one project to another, cultivate and personalize them in such a way that each beneficiary feels that his project is unique and that they were treated with the best service, and their life changed for the better because of Creativ Interior talent.

The service Creativ Interior offers exclusively is for interior design, the implementation part will be recommended from the range of suppliers we have experience with, we will provide the necessary planning for the project, and each project submitted will contain an archive with complete details.

It is with great pleasure that Luxury Lifestyle Awards announces Creativ Interior as winner in the category BBest Luxury Interior Design Studio in Romania 2021.

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