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Coppin Designs




Jill Coppin is an award-winning designer with two decades in the design business and over 200 projects successfully installed in twenty-two states and seventeen countries around the world.

Jill began her design career after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design. While her focus has been on interiors design and architecture (remodeling and new construction) for the last 10 years, early in her career she refined her skills as a stylist, merchandiser, brand/product/fixture developer for names like Pottery Barn, Room, and Board, GAP and Restoration Hardware. While working at these companies Jill’s designs were featured in numerous catalogs and magazines including Sunset Magazine, California Home and Design, House & Garden, Luxury Travel, Dwell and AFAR.  Jill spent years managing and developing visual merchandisers and interior designers for the companies I listed.

Jill’s love of design came early in life when she realized how the spaces we exist in can affect how we feel and how manipulating that space can change us. Our environment is an active character in our lives and beautiful spaces that support how we individually live can play a role in how we feel and interact every day.

As a child Jill’s mother allowed her to explore her passion for design in their own home encouraging Jill to explore how forms, textures and colors play together. How balance and details make all the difference. In school, Jill learned how to take this passion for space and expand it outward to the envelopes that encompassed our spaces and how that can dramatically change how we live.

Jill’s passion is to create spaces that are both beautiful, balanced, detailed, and comfortable. Spaces that facilitate your life while inspiring you every day.

Coppin Designs specializes in crafting incredibly specific spaces which reflect its clients’ passions and lifestyles. The spaces designed by Coppin Designs are beautifully curated, affording the same attention to detail regardless of size or budget, resulting in spaces that bring comfort, beauty, and balance to clients’ lives.

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