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Artalenta was rendered since 2004 by design talents and professional services in connection with architecture, interior and construction of buildings work. Artalenta takes the ownership and becomes the single source of responsibility for successful completion of each client’s project with extensive range of design styles. Each project is tailored by streamlining design stages and construction phases into one method of project delivery process and shares the benefits of one stop shopping.

Artalenta transforms an integrated set of solution and creates great experiences to fit the purpose. Our design management provides a detailed perspective of development and implementation.

Artalenta’s design signature is formed by the combination of material, textures, pattern, colour and composition. Detailing is a crucial element of the design process to reflect the characteristic of the material itself.

Artalenta applies science, culture and technology to produce and bring together a remarkable collection of works as a masterpiece. Artalenta’s design and engineering principles enhance implementation and improve the quality. Artalenta works with exceptional group of craftspeople and manufacturers to deliver accuracy of detail.

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