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Knightsbridge (London) by Raid Architecture




Knightsbridge (London) is a private residence that was transformed with the interior design services and expertise of RAID Architecture.

A family in the Middle East desired to turn their family summer house into a home that was more comfortable and aligned to their needs, so the RAID team took the time and did thorough research to fully understand the cultural nuances that needed to be catered to. The end result was a modern and minimalistic design with well-placed elegant elements in each room to add vibrancy and create a functional space with the family’s particular preferences.

The RAID team’s attentive approach to even the smallest details elevates the home space and experience for the Knightsbridge family, creating an environment that is chic, warm and inviting.

One of the beautifully designed feature elements in this residence is the glass staircase. The basement received very little natural light, and an important aspect for the family was increasing the penetration of light into the basement area.  With this new, fully-glazed staircase, the team managed to alter the ambience of the basement – making it not only a useable, bright and positive place to spend time and socialize in, but a warm hub for the whole family to unwind.

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