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Casa Di Lusso by Think Interior




Think Interior is a Malaysia based interior design studio specialising in residential and commercial interiors such as apartments, houses and villas, offices and stores as well. Led by our Principal Designer Mr Kean Ang, who has more than 8 years’ experience in creative industries our leader who always inspire the team to create, to present and to deliver at our best.

Many may consider interior design as a luxury but, our profession is turning it into a necessity for them. Every designed space and corners are known for its own uniqueness and meaning that would bring out nothing but only the best and comfort, whether it be aesthetically or functionally available, serving the best of both features.

Thus, correlates with our tagline in Think Interior “Your style, My skills”. This simply distinguish our exclusivity within the Malaysian market.

Think Interior focus on premium interior designs that are:

* Bold yet unpretentious

* Modern and luxurious

* Practicality

Our core strength is beautifully translating them into design language, turning an empty space into ‘wow’ effect. Ultimately, our design works we aim to build more sustainable interior designs that last for generations.

Adventurous and inquisitive enough, we always explore new perspective to expand our circumference of both designing and knowledge skills, looking at diverse aspects how we can adopt and improvise into new style and trends. Similarly, living in a multi-racial country in Malaysia, that has three different religion such as Malay, Chinese, and Indians. Embracing the beauty of different cultures because we believed all designs are unique on its own, which portrays their own identity and culture to blend in the design works we present.

Think Interior’s vision is to constantly educate homeowners to understand the design choices selected and walk them through the entire process of design and build. To learn about their own identity how it can incorporate with the desired designs within their living space daily lifestyles.

We are a team of young, passionate, and committed designers, who also aspire to transform and innovate our country’s design industry to become a lucrative sector. Assure that all completed projects are beyond client’s expectation, that is what brings joy to our profession of design and build services.

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