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MADE IN studio – Arc. Carlo De Paolo




Architect Carlo De Paolo graduated from the University “Sapienza” of Rome where he collaborated for several years at the Faculty of Architecture of “Valle Giulia” with Prof. Rodolfo Violo in the design courses and in the studio works. He works as a freelancer between Rome and Salento, and founded Made In Studio in 2008, in the rooms of the “Lanificio Luciani” in Via di Pietralata.

Made In Studio is an acronym of Mood Architectural Design Engineering Integrated. The design is based on a continuous verification of the relationship between theme and ideas, while the construction of architecture becomes the object of attention and experimentation. De Paolo works in Italy and around the world with tailor-made design.

The mood of the project “Palace ALMA – Luxury rooms”, in Casarano (LE) – Italy, was to revive a forgotten architecture, giving new functionality to the spaces with elegance. The building is situated in the historic center of the city of Casarano, in Salento, an important tourist destination in Southern Italy, and has been transformed into a hotel. The above-ground section was built between the end of 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, and the cellar is even older. There are 4 large rooms, and everything was made by the best local artisans, using ancient techniques and traditions, combined with contemporary elements.

The project was published in Italy in the magazine “PROGETTI” and a monographic book was created in collaboration with ArchiKillers Lab and Design Plaza.

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