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Enikő Tóth




Enikő Tóth, the force behind the popular fashion blog named after her, is a London-based fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger. Her fashion journey started in 2011, and she’s since become a fixture at international fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, even gracing Haute Couture Week. Enikő’s blog reflects her growth as a self-taught blogger, blending luxury fashion, street style, and imaginative photography.

Her writing isn’t confined to fashion alone; Enikő delves into travel, lifestyle, beauty, health, technology, and gastronomy, catering to a diverse readership of almost 1 million across her Instagram and Facebook pages. She’s collaborated with prestigious brands such as Cartier, Chanel, Rolls-Royce, and Moet & Chandon, and partnered with luxury hotels like Mandarin Oriental Marrakech and The Ritz-Carlton.

Her influence extends to the pages of Vogue Italy, ELLE Arabia, Getty Images, NYLON magazine, and more, elevating her status in the fashion world. Enikő’s stature was acknowledged when she secured a spot in the top 20 of the Influencer Awards Monaco, celebrating her impact as a fashion blogger. With Enikő Tóth, the fusion of fashion, lifestyle, and influence creates a captivating narrative.



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