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Luciano masters the trade of ice cream preparation at the highest artisan level. Prepared by SVH Meesterijsbereider Luc Blok and his team. Not just cold and sweet, but only with fresh ingredients. Of the highest quality there is. Daily changing and always surprising.

We think the atmosphere in our salons is very important. That is why our interior is pleasant and warm, but our employees make the real difference! Our constant search for new flavors, the unique preparation process and our attention to you as a guest, make Luciano different from others.

Luciano believes that quality, innovative and surprising products, accompanied by perfect service are the key to satisfied guests. The smart and high-quality design of our preparation process and the constant drive for new flavors and special combinations create top quality at a very reasonable price. Luciano has been awarded the title of “Ice Cream Parlor of the Year” several times and is consistently high in the top 10.

At Luciano you don’t eat ice cream, you experience your ice cream. Will you come by soon?

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