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Gelato San Lorenzo




Every day, in Gelato San Lorenzo‘s laboratory, we produce an ice cream that is as pure as possible. The ingredients are processed according to tradition, through continuous research and innovation, which allow us to achieve a perfect balance of flavor and texture.

Our goal is to create new and refined tastes, welcoming the requests of the modern consumer and of the most demanding one: we produce gluten-free ice cream, ice cream without milk, without eggs, without sugar and for vegans. Furthermore, our gelato has 25% less sugars than those normally used. This is possible thanks to the bench with wells and the soluble and insoluble vegetable fibres present in our processes, which also contribute to reducing the absorption of sugars and fats.

The passion and accuracy in the selection of the best and excellent raw materials is a prerequisite: all natural, which means monodiglycerides, hydrogenated, refined vegetable fats, gelling agents, dyes, or flavourings are not used. Instead, high quality milk, sugar, organic eggs, fresh seasonal fruit, protein and vegetable fibres are the basis of our recipes.


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