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Florencia Ice Cream




Drawing inspiration from bright memories from childhood, Florencia Ice Cream brings those memories and emotions to the present day, creating luxurious natural ice cream from fresh quality ingredients. Florencia Chaldu, the founder of the brand, spent her early years in Argentina, where she could enjoy fresh handcrafted ice cream from local ingredients. Years later, after traveling around the world, she gained the knowledge and experience to realize her dream of bringing artisanal and unique flavors of artisanal and handmade ice cream to the Middle East. 

Florencia Ice Cream is a Bahrain-based boutique company that produces ice cream using techniques that originated in Italy and enriching them with creative innovations, state-of-the-art equipment, and unique mixes of natural ingredients from different parts of the world. The quality and love with which Florencia Chaldu and her team fill their product bring an unforgettable experience to everyone who tastes them. 

Visitors to the Florencia Ice Cream store can enjoy a wide variety of flavors, ranging from classic chocolate and vanilla gelato to exclusive combinations of Sicilian pistachios, Madagascar beans, and Italian stracciatella. Each batch is made from scratch from liquid mixtures and ice cream bases in the company’s laboratory. The basis for all ice cream is fresh, natural milk and cream produced locally.

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