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Florencia Ice Cream




Our Mission at Florencia Ice Cream is to bring handcrafted ice-cream with artisanal and unique flavors to the Middle East. Made with fresh and natural ingredients we are dedicated to producing the finest gelato and sorbet for our customers.

We are a health-conscious boutique company that focuses on creative innovations by using techniques originating in Italy and translating them into flavors found throughout the world. Time, care, creativity, and love are our recipe for the perfect scoop of ice-cream.

“Every flavor batch made from scratch”. To obtain the most creamy and fresh result every day, we use the highest quality ingredients for each of our creations, we prepare our bases using all real ingredients, without the use of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives,

Also, we have worked with companies like Four Seasons Bahrain, Ritz Carlton Bahrain, Royal Gulf club Bahrain, Rugby Football Club Bahrain, Cantina Khalo Restaurant to bring fresh, fun, and healthy options to their menu and company.

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