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Sutera Sanctuary Lodges




Sutera Sanctuary Lodges is set amidst Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage national parks site. The haven is an integration of tranquil retreats, bringing you lodgings and food & beverage services amid Sabah’s most striking natural settings.

From mountain climbing, exploring the nature’s valley, and diving into the marine world; there are so many sites to explore during your stay with Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.

Their unique lodges bring guests luxury and comfort. Laban Rata Resthouse is the resting point for climbers before their final ascent to Mount Kinabalu. At the foot of the mountain is Kinabalu Park, recognized by UNESCO for its “outstanding universal values”. Guests can relax in the healing and therapeutic hot spring waters at Poring Hot Spring – the natural, sulphuric water is known for its skin-curative properties. And lastly, Manukan Island Resort offers extensive water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing and many more for all those water sports enthusiasts. All premium villas and suites overlook the azure waters of the South China Sea.

The Sunset Cruise on their catamaran Amazing Love is their bestselling cruise. It promises a sea adventure and experience of a lifetime. Sutera Sanctuary Lodges create highly personalized packages, all meticulously prepared.

The exceptional company also create themed events. “When you come to us for event planning, your event is not just successful but alive.” They host social events as well as business meetings & retreats.

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