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Heron Live Hotel




HERON LIVE HOTEL – Here you really live.

When we come into the world, we have a natural ability to learn with all our senses. We see smells, feel the music, touch the flavors – with time the concrete senses are assigned to the right areas, and the experiences fade.

Heron Live Hotel wakes up the forgotten world and pulls sleepy senses from under the bed. Here life takes on taste, colors regain shades, and sounds give meaning.  Here everything starts again. Here you really live.

Heron Live Hotel is located just above the Rożnowski Lake. The Dunajec Valley creates a breakthrough limited from the west by the Łososińskie range of the Beskid Wyspowy, and from the east the hills of the Rożnowskie Foothills.

Beauty has settled here for good. The hotel’s permanent offer – three restaurants, a luxurious Live SPA, a music club – draws inspiration directly from nature. All this, to free your dreams, awaken your senses, whisk you away to amazement. These experiences have a hint of spring awakening, but at Heron Live Hotel you can experience them all year round. With us, “new” becomes a pleasant everyday life.

What distinguishes our 5 stars from other exclusive hotels in Poland and around the world?

In Heron Live Hotel:

– people are in the first place.  It’s important to us that you take away the most wonderful memories from here.

– we specialize in beautiful moments.  Those that you remember forever.

– it’s important to us that we surprise all your senses.  And re-waken up to life again!

– we are free from set routines.  Each guest is a completely new challenge for us – an adventure,  which we are not afraid to undertake, the meeting gives an added lift.

‘Heron’ is not only a hotel that meets five-star standards, but it’s a way of life, according to which, what you do really matters. If you look – you’ll see more. If you try new flavors – you will not be disappointed. If you touch – you will feel that you are really alive. If you listen – you will immerse yourself in the sounds. All thanks to carefully thought-out LIVE philosophy, which are the most important for your senses.

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