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Regal Hotels International Limited




Regal Hotels International is a beacon of luxury hospitality, boasting 8,200+ rooms and 60 dining venues in Hong Kong and expanding into Mainland China. Regal’s commitment to quality and world-class hotel management has solidified its position as one of Asia’s premier hotel brands and is comprised of three hotel brands: Regal, Regala, and iclub. Offering Regal’s luxurious comfort, Regala’s celebratory lifestyle, and iclub’s tech-savvy accommodations, they cater to diverse traveler needs. 

Regala Skycity Hotel, a standout in the group, features premium amenities like indoor and sky gyms, an organic farm, and a shuttle service connecting major transport hubs. The hotel’s dining options range from international cuisine at Petra to Mediterranean delights at Vivace and exquisite Chinese cuisine at the Jade while offering healthy, sustainable options around the clock. 

The commitment to sustainability is evident in Regala‘s operation, employing smart technology for faster check-ins, energy-saving measures, and a focus on reducing carbon emissions and waste. Mindfulness and wellness activities, along with rooms designed around the Chinese philosophy of “the five elements,” create a harmonious and rejuvenating stay. 

Regala Skycity Hotel, with 1,208 guest rooms and a unique thematic floor for families, emphasizes a modern aesthetic and endorphin-boosting natural light. The incorporation of Wu Xing elements ensures a balanced, serene atmosphere throughout the hotel. 

Recognized for its sustainability efforts and eco-friendly design, the hotel continues its dedication to offering a truly remarkable and environmentally conscious experience, inviting guests to rejoice in life’s wonders. 

Regal Hotels
Regala Skycity Hotel
Regala Skycity Hotel
Regal Hotels
Regal Hotels
Regal Hotels
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