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Arctic TreeHouse Hotel




Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Finnish Lapland offers an escape from the hectic city life to the tranquil northern forest. Due to its exceptional concept and award-winning design, the hotel has become one of the most talked-about high-end hotels in the Nordics since its opening in 2016.

Staying at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is like staying in an extremely comfortable and cozy nest, with a view of the arctic forest and sky. Through the big, panoramic windows, guests can enjoy the unique phenomena that arctic sky has to offer. In summer the sun doesn’t set and a book can be read by the window in natural light, even in the middle of the night. During the northern lights season from late August to early April, it is possible to admire the auroras from the comfort of your own bed.

The hotel is located on a wooded hill on the Arctic Circle and the individual suites are sprinkled across the hillside. All suites are decorated in Scandinavian style, using natural materials. There are three different suite types, all of them have high-quality beds positioned the best way for guests to enjoy the view. In the bigger suites, one will find several luxury amenities like a lounge with a real fireplace, separate bedrooms and a private sauna or a wellness area with a scenery sauna and bath.

In Lapland, the nature changes throughout the year and Arctic TreeHouse Hotel lives by the season. In Rakas Restaurant & Bar, a seasonally changing menu is created by the award-winning chef. The dishes are prepared from local seasonal ingredients with a modern international twist. The surrounding northern forests and its varying colors can be explored all year around. In winter, the nature can be enjoyed with different activities like woolsock walking or snowshoeing. In summer, long bright days reveal countless opportunities for outdoor exploration, such as forest yoga, fatbiking in the nature, hiking or midnight sun picnics. In early fall, colorful berries grace the forest floor to be enjoyed.

SantaPark – Home Cavern of Santa Claus is located next to the hotel main building, and welcomes guests into a world of fairytales and wonder throughout the holiday season. Santa Claus Secret Forest – Joulukka is an exclusive and secret Christmas location, where northern forest surroundings set the stage for tailormade experiences that enthrall families all year round. Enchanting programs are full of authentic Finnish Christmas magic and they are highlighted with a private meeting with Santa Claus himself.

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