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Tahi Manuka Honey by Tahi New Zealand




Situated in a remote corner of New Zealand’s North Island, Tahi is a land reawakened. More than just honey, it’s a philosophy. A rejuvenation project in the making since 2004 (325,000 indigenous trees planted and counting), Tahi is a living example of the transformative power of a sustainable business. With 100% of profits going directly back into conservation, culture and community, we have created a biodiversity-positive, ecological sanctuary for people and wildlife.

Tahi’s wildly remote location and warm, sub-tropical climate means our honey has a unique taste all of its own. From our hives to your hands, we treat honey with the respect it deserves. 100% Full Circle – Biodiversity-positive honey. No overheating, no pasteurising, no artificial anything. Tahi honey is fully traceable to source and free from GMOs and GE, with no added sugar or water, and absolutely, passionately, no chemicals. That way, you know it’s 100% natural … just as nature intended.

Tahi’s warm, sub-tropical climate, and determination to protect our environment means our honey has a unique taste all of its own. Rich and golden, smooth and creamy, sweet yet mild … and so good for you! Made from the nectar of New Zealand’s native Mānuka flowers, Mānuka honey is revered for its unique medicinal qualities. And emerging research shows that it’s even more active than previously thought.

And to make sure you get the real deal, the UMFTM trademark guarantees that our honey is genuine New Zealand Manuka honey, containing high levels of natural pollens.

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