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Manuka Royale Honey




Manuka Royale is a young brand from New Zealand, which has a noble goal – to share with the world one of the most wonderful gifts of nature – manuka honey. The company was founded by a married couple, Wojtek Czyz and Elena Brambilla, who have already proven their ability to achieve the highest goals with their successful sports careers. 

Wojtek and Elena came up with the idea of Manuka Royale as a development of their sensitivity to nature and the desire to present a high-quality product that improves people’s lives and positively affects the planet in different aspects. Manuka honey became such a product. For the founders of the brand, it was important that in the production of their food, no animals suffer and no plants are destroyed. Striving for exceptional quality, Wojtek and Elena chose honey from small farms in unspoiled areas of New Zealand, where the fertile soil saturates the honey with many nutrients, including methylglyoxal, dihydroxyacetone, and leptosperin. The quality of Manuka Royale honey is confirmed by UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) certification. 

Making the highest quality manuka honey has been just one factor in Manuka Royalle’s success. The founders of the brand set themselves the goal of minimizing the carbon footprint on the environment. The specifics of manuka honey production and Manuka Royale‘s unique approach have made it possible to achieve the lowest levels of environmental pollution. And thanks to minimal processing, natural bioactive compounds and beneficial enzymes are preserved in the product.  

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the later stages, Manuka Royale uses cans made from recycled plastic recovered from the ocean and free of BPA. With the same goal in mind, the company has introduced bulk purchasing, allowing for a greener product delivery process, lower cost per jar, and offering free shipping. 

Manuka Royale honey is a unique product that is made from the nectar of the flowers of the manuka plant, which grows in the wilds of New Zealand. It can be distinguished from ordinary honey by its specific organoleptic properties. It is a brown and creamy product with an unusual bitter taste. The key unique property of manuka honey is Methylglyoxal (MGO), a bioactive component that is formed during the maturation of honey. The high MGO content of Manuka Royale honey is what provides its excellent properties and makes it a natural source of energy and health. And the sensitive approach of the creators of this brand brings more sustainability and positivity to our world. 

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