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Manuka Doctor is a privately owned family company based in Auckland, New Zealand, and is one of the main exporters of genuine Manuka Honey. The Manuka Doctor brand is sold across the world and is available through 15 global export markets and growing.

Manuka Doctor is proud to own and manage every step of the Manuka Honey supply chain from owning the land, bee hives and beekeepers to the extraction and packing facilities through to exporting. Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey is collected from over 60,000 bee hives in the North and South islands, spanning over 11,000 hectares of land, all owned by their founder. This vertically integrated business model ensures the integrity of the New Zealand Manuka Honey and allows Manuka Doctor to trace each batch back to the hive.

Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey is a luxury and should be thoroughly tested to prove its authenticity. It’s crucially important that customers buy a genuine product and know how to spot one. One simple way of guaranteeing this is to buy from a trusted brand like Manuka Doctor which goes through a number of quality assurances.

All Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey meets the strict requirements of the New Zealand Government. Government scientists have identified four chemicals and a DNA marker that are unique to New Zealand Manuka Honey – and each batch must be tested to ensure it contains certain levels of these five elements before it can be sold to our customers. At Manuka Doctor, they put this Government Standard on the lid of every jar when it is packed in New Zealand so you can be confident you are buying a genuine, authentic Manuka Honey, that has been created at source and shipped in the same jar.

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