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Established in 2010, Collector was the innovation of founder Mr. Nehad Eissa. Initially, Collector was an extension of Dolphin Jewelry Boxes Production which was started in 2008 and simultaneously, Mr. Eissa was employed with one of the most prominent jewelry groups in The United Arab Emirates for 42 years before he began his own journey. The group was a supplier of over 22 luxury jewelry and watch brands. Along with his son’s artistic talents, Mr. Eissa decided to start a business with their combined skills and knowledge. Collector was launched and has thus far been successful in the market of handcrafted home décor to suit each client’s personal taste.

Collector’s company values are ‘Smart. Elegant. Luxurious’ and they ensure that each client’s needs are met by tailor making the specifics of their needs such as allowing their clients to choose everything from material, to color in terms of the design. This in turn shapes a relationship between the company and client, which is something the team is proud of. If you are searching for elegant home décor of utmost quality, look no further than Collector.

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