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European Medical Center/United Medical Group CY




European Medical Center is a premium healthcare provider in Russia offering unparalleled expertise in more than 57 specialties.

European Medical Center/United Medical Group CY is one of the largest private medical companies in Russia. EMC employs over 800 doctors from Western Europe, the USA, Israel and Russia. Up to 90,000 patients are treated each year. EMC consists of 9 medical centers in Moscow and Moscow region. European Medical Center operates in all medical specialties, offering patients an individualized comprehensive approach to health care and access to innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment. EMC Clinic (35 Schepkina St.) is internationally accredited by JCI. Through the coordinated work of experts from various fields and the use of European and American protocols in diagnosis and treatment, the clinic provides patients with access to the world’s best treatment techniques without having to travel abroad.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, European Medical Center specialists provide emergency care for a variety of emergency conditions of varying complexity. Polite and attentive staff, more than 50 treatment areas, state-of-the-art technical equipment, and high-tech facilities enable not only to provide treatment in the shortest possible time, but also ensure the highest quality of service, which is confirmed by international accreditation by JCI.

The Clinic utilises a patient-centric approach, which allows it to provide patients with a full range of diagnostics and treatment services of exceptional quality as well as offer tailor-made medical care.

Being a provider of premium-quality medical care, European Medical Center competes primarily with the leading international hospitals across Europe, Israel and Asia.

Appreciating EMC’s international experience in various fields of medicine and its ability to help patients in the most difficult situations, the judging panel of Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognized it as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Healthcare Provider in Europe.


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