Rockhopper Hard Seltzer

We are a craft beverage company bringing you quality products for your enjoyment and refreshment. We are based in Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

‘Baia da Rocca’ (Bay of Rocks) was the name given to Algoa Bay (Eastern Cape, South Africa) by Portuguese explorers. At da Rocca, we’re passionate about exploring flavour. Three years ago da Rocca embarked on an epic craft beverage adventure.

Initially establishing a name for ourselves in the beer market with Benn Koppen craft beer and then the craft gin market, we have since developed a variety of distinctive craft rum products. We’ve even created a sparkling alcohol-free taste sensation for those who don’t enjoy a tipple.

At da Rocca, we delight in creating rich, unique flavours using fresh, locally grown high quality ingredients. And, with the launch of our new online store, we’re looking forward to you joining the adventure!


Ahead of its time and breaking new ground in the South African refreshment sector with it’s fresh, fruity, spiked water that’s all fun and no fuss.

Low calorie. Low carb. Gluten free.

A Hard Seltzer with a perfect aroma/taste balance, inspiring colours that show off the delicious fruity flavours and a superior mouthfeel-experience.

You can choose how much let’s-party kick you’re looking for, from these two options:

  • A 5% alc/vol / carbonated / 300ml can / 2g sugar / 110 calories / Flavours: Black Cherry, Mango, LemonLime, Litchi
  • A 7% alc/vol /  carbonated / 440ml can / 3g sugar / 150 calories / Flavours: Black Cherry, Mango

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