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ester & erik




Based in Denmark, ester & erik embodies enduring craftsmanship and a profound love for candles. Since its inception in 1987 by Erik and Ester Møller, the family-owned enterprise has thrived for two generations, now led by Managing Director Søren Møller. In 2024, the company earned a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Handmade Candles in Denmark, Europe.

The story begins with Erik Møller’s dream of crafting distinctive handmade candles, born from his 15-year experience as an export salesman in the candle industry. Fueled by a vision to infuse warmth, joy, and life into homes, the company has become an icon of quality, symbolized by its heart logo. Erik’s inventive spirit led to the creation of a candle-dipping machine and innovative sales displays.

Ester Møller played a crucial role in perfecting candle quality through meticulous processes, giving rise to candles that transcend mere products and become design icons. Søren Møller, the couple’s son, now carries the legacy forward, introducing modernity while retaining traditional values. The company’s embrace of innovation, including robotics, has expanded its reach to over 55 countries with 2,000 dealers.

ester & erik offers a bespoke service, crafting custom colors, shapes, and sizes for discerning clients, including exclusive collaborations with renowned brands like Rolex. Each candle is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, made from 100% pure paraffin wax and hand-colored in 94 hues.

With raw materials sourced from Denmark and Germany, the candles undergo meticulous manufacturing processes, ensuring the highest quality. The collection features an extensive range of candles, from classic to scented, accompanied by accessories. The production at the Silkeborg factory combines traditional candle-making with modern technology, ensuring every candle meets the highest standards through hand-coloring, lacquering, and quality checks.

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