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Mysk Moon Retreat




Category: Best Luxury Tented Camp, UAE

Mysk Moon Retreat is a luxury tented camp located just over 60kms away from Dubai, the bustling city of the UAE. It offers guests an experience unlike any other, housing visitors in the dome and tented rooms with spectacular views of the Arabian night.

In 2022, Luxury Lifestyle Awards awarded Mysk Moon Retreat the title of Best Luxury Tented Camp, UAE. The self-catering facility is an idyllic getaway for individuals, couples and families seeking a break from the humdrum of busy city life, as it offers an experience that sits on the other end of the spectrum.

Mysk Moon Retreat has 10 domes and 6 tents that glamping (glamorous camping) enthusiasts can book into. The facilities are well equipped and include a toilet with shower, DIY BBQ equipment, an outdoor deck, an air conditioner, and, for most of the units, private pools.

Mysk Moon Retreat is one of several Mysk hotels, which are part of the Shaza Group. It is set in the shadow of the Fossil Rock, amidst the sand dunes of Mleiha, and is framed by the Al Faya Mountains, making for excellent star gazing, rest, and relaxation. The facility is the best of Arabian hospitality with a generous topping of luxury.

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