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Mysk Kingfisher Retreat




Category: Best Luxury Beach Retreat in UAE

 Mysk Hotels describe their company as being ‘a theatre of life’. Mysk Hotels by Shaza have a distinct personality inspired by the culture and values of the ever-evolving Arabian lifestyle. The guest is always at ‘centre stage’.

Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, a beach retreat in the United Arab Emirates, has won a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the 3rd consecutive year, this time winning for Best Luxury Beach Retreat in UAE, 2022.

The resort, the only one of its kind in the UAE, is situated on an island off the Sharjah east coast on a beautiful sandy beach overlooking sparkling, crystal blue waters. Mysk Kingfisher Retreat also has a working conservation centre.

Guests are brought to the island on a private boat, and are invited to experience living in luxurious tents, enjoy private pools, bespoke dining, and onsite and offsite experiences with personalised services. Comfort and privacy are of utmost importance, and so the retreat also offers a lounge and viewing deck, spa, pools, flat screen TVs and free Wi-Fi.

The all-day dining restaurant serves both buffet and a la carte meals. Mysk Kingfisher Retreat offers a healthy, organic culinary experience for all guests.

The company describes itself as being an upscale lifestyle hotel brand with a difference. “Design, people, and services define our essence. Ehtiraam (respect) and Karaam (generosity) are infused in everything we offer. From the opening act to the final scene, we ensure you carry good memories.”

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