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Beauté d’Ægé Skincare




Beauté d’Ægé Skincare is a cosmetics company representing clean, eco-conscious and minimalistic beauty products. All products are formulated by the founder Asli Kender and then translated into professional products by a private label manufacturing lab/company in Turkey. All products are approved by the European Union guidelines as well as those of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

The brand aims to provide the following to a diverse group of consumers including all ages and genders:

  • Botanical formulations made primarily with local plant oils and flower extracts from the Turquoise Aegean coastline.
  • Clean, non-toxic formulas.
  • Packaging respectful of the environment, consisting of glass, recycled paper and a minimum amount of recycled plastic.
  • A minimalistic approach to beauty in which each product is omni-function and multi-action meaning less products that provide many results. This translates into less waste, less time spent on skincare daily without losing the benefits of a multiple product routine and a more valuable investment.
  • Formulations that merge science, nature and luxury.
  • Clean formulas that also smell good as a common problem with most clean skincare is the unpleasant or lacking smell.
  • A representation of the beauty rituals of this particular geography using it’s local plants but also making use of bee propolis in all products including BOTANISTE Creamy Cleansing Silk, 24 Karat gold in LAVISH Night Complex and pure pearl powder in ENLIGHT Day Complex. (Greek goddesses, Cleopatra etc.)

As the founder of the brand, my ability to create cosmetic ‘recipes’ comes primarily from the fact that I am a classically trained chef and a holistic nutritionist. My career in this area merged with my love for beauty products, a desire to contribute to the future of our planet as well as a personal need for clean and premium quality, omni-function/multi-purpose products that provide:

– Cleansing
– Exfoliation
– Resurfacing
– Hydration
– Cell Repair
– Wrinkle repair
– Sun spot/stain repair
– Firming
– Anti-inflammatory action – Anti-bacterial action

For the future, I would like to expand the product line in keeping with the clean-one-product-multi- function theme. (e.g. eye/lip serum)

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