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  • 2019


Created in 2017 by Romain GERARDIN-FRESSE, Gfk Conseils – Juridis has become the reference firm for Multi-Family Office.

Present on the 5 continents, it offers a turnkey service to a demanding clientele, which counts what the world knows of richer and more famous.

Multinationals, star chefs, wealthy families, public figures, artists, royal and princely dynasties, foreign governments, shipowners, hotel chains; Gfk Conseils – Juridis has seduced beyond the standards and has built up a customer’s portfolio of rare quality.

It all started when Romain GERARDIN-FRESSE, former political advisor and legal expert, decided to initiate a firm that would solve the legal problems of its clients while treating the cause and the consequence.

From then on, he creates a team that associates lawyers, accountants, communicators, and lobbyists.

With successful media files efficiently managed, the firm quickly becomes a key crisis management expert, used to effectively resolve litigation and avoid scandals to customers who experience difficult situations.

Management of real estate properties, registration of yachts or Private Jets, execution of administrative and fiscal formalities, resolution of disputes with government authorities, supervision of the staff hiring, obtaining emergency visas, helping to set up a group abroad, managing assets , solving the hassle of everyday life, Gfk Conseils – Juridis, thanks to its numerous political and diplomatic networks and its myriad partners, is become a real “solutions maker”.

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