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Lafayette Luxury




Lafayette Luxury, a premiere luxury concierge based in India, has helped its discerning clientele to organize and create some of the most extraordinary experiences. With utmost exclusivity, opulence and extravagance at the core of their services, Lafayette Luxury offers the absolute finest the world has to offer for their esteemed members – anytime and anywhere.

From planning a sailing expedition with your family and friends along the seas to having a purely customized vacation curated with unique intimate experiences and dinner at Michelin-starred restaurants, Lafayette Luxury takes care of every request with just a single phone-call to your Dedicated Client Alliance Personnel. The privilege of having these services available 24 hours a  day, 365 days a year, makes the luxury lifestyle experience all the more delightful.

Organizing an eleventh hour yacht proposal- party in the UAE with an outdoor gastronomical experience from the best restaurants in town or planning one of the craziest bachelor parties at an exquisite location are some of the tasks they execute with ease.

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