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Excellence VIP Services




At Excellence VIP Services we believe that no task is accomplished unless it exceeds your expectations.
Exclusive and private, our services are endowed with the ultimate luxury experience.
Live like a king – While our professional personnel prepares a world of perfect relaxation!
We find every moment of your life special and we are pleased to assist you with all your needs.
All you need to do is to ask and enjoy it!

The Life of Luxury

The Life of Luxury provides luxury market research and reviews on the following – Unique Experiences, Selective Real Estate Services, Luxury Villa Rentals, Private Islands & Hotel Bookings, Event Planning & Management, Yachts, Private Jets Charters and Helicopters, Events & Sports Events, Art Gallery, Jewellery, Watches, Luxury Goods, Premium Concierge, Medical Services, Close Protection & Security Services for customers Worldwide.

For the best in Luxury living, our VIP Concierge Services provides great deals on Luxury travel, luxury vacation homes, fine dining restaurants, red carpet events and awards shows, sold-out concerts, fashion shows, top sporting events, movie premiers, and amazing Luxury Experiences. Live a VIP Luxury Lifestyle.

Our relationships, insider knowledge, and industry exposure guarantee that we are able to deliver, the unattainable, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Excellence VIP Services is the Premier Travel Expert, Luxury Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services Worldwide, and Event Planner for clients across the globe looking for exceptional travel experiences and top-notch personal assistance.

Our team of friendly, knowledgeable travel experts is passionate about managing your travel plans, from luxury vacations to adventure excursions and from special events and weddings to corporate incentive travel.

Excellence VIP Services focuses on transforming your travel desires into beautiful memorable experiences, finding the perfect destinations, high-quality accommodations, and activities to your personal interests.

Why Excellence VIP Services?

Everyone wants top-shelf experiences, but it takes time and local knowledge to make connections to get them, not to mention the time it takes to make plans. That’s when the thriving new business of Lifestyle Concierge comes in. Experts at the helm can step into any situation and make their members’ lives totally hassle-free.

Personalized service

We understand our clients from day one, anticipating your needs and fulfilling your wishes.

Global Access

Our affiliations and networks give our clients endless travel destinations and Concierge services around the world.

24/7/365 Assistance

We are available 24/7/365 for our clients, whether you’re traveling the world or at home.

Customized packages

Your travel needs and personal Concierge wishes deserve customized service, that’s why we tailor every package to every client, from individuals to corporations. We provide the highest level of service to clients and personalization down to the most intimate detail and we pride ourselves on having the utmost discretion.

About Catalin Buzatu, CEO & FOUNDER

After a career as a professional tennis player and knowing all parts of the world, Catalin began to engage in the Luxury VIP sector.
With more than 10 years of experience in traveling and organizing exclusive events and private services for the most exclusive clients.
Each of our clients is treated with the utmost care personally.

Based in Barcelona and Miami, Catalin offers its services around the world on every continent, surrounded by a team of specialized professionals in different countries and cities like Ibiza, Marbella, Monaco, Saint Tropez, United Arab Emirates, Australia, South Africa, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Asia, Caribbean, and others. Catalin Buzatu has been actively involved in operating for his company for over 10 years with great success.

First of all, the idea of this company is to be very exclusive and personal, where we prefer to have a small number of clients but with very high requirements. Generally, Catalin is the person who personally handles all clients and company members. Many of these clients want him personally to take care of their services. The rest of the team are very well trained and experienced in the knowledge of Concierge Services, they have been in many different countries of the world, with a very presentable and elegant look and with special notions in communicating with customers.

Professionalism and perfectionism are very important in our Concierge Services because mistakes can not be accepted.
Professionality is seen when a customer is pleased with your services and recommends you further.

The Excellence VIP Services Lifestyle Management Company prides itself on convenience, exclusivity, access, and being able to make all your wishes come true for all your Luxury needs.
With our high level of expertise and rich years of experience in the industry, we believe we have all it takes to deliver outstanding Luxury Lifestyle Services Worldwide.

Live the life you have always dreamed of!

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