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Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry




Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry provides boutique, exclusive mental health services to clients via telehealth or personally, throughout the USA. The services provided by highly skilled and qualified doctoral-level staff who embrace the time necessary with each client to ensure that each appointment provides premium experiences. The psychiatrists and psychologist interact with each other and their clients’ other providers, when need be, to ensure a well-rounded and seamless holistic experience for each client. The team provides personalized and integrative mental-health solutions to all individuals form different walks of life. Clients can phone in or visit their luxurious office based in Atlanta, for specific mental-health treatments.

The company upholds their tenants of personalization, extreme confidentiality, and customer care. The care that clients can expect is unparalleled to other service providers and the dynamic company has a good reputation for exceeding their clients’ expectations.

Inspirational CEO and owner, Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei is a Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist who graduated summa cum laude with degree in Psychology, English, and Biology from the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Osei completed her Psy.D and M.A in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, thus ensuring her clients are receiving some of the best mental health advice there is. The main mission at the firm is to assist in the mental growth of her clients and to help them become and embrace the best versions of themselves. All their clients have the same need – the pursuit of success and happiness and the firm assists with cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused treatment,
couple therapy and more.

The dedicated staff provide integrated and personalized services to best suit the needs of their individual clients. Whether it be depression, relationship issues or post traumatic stress disorder, Dr. Osei and her highly skilled team, come highly recommended and have helped change the lives of many people today.

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