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Club ZFU




Club ZFU is an exclusive private membership club and lifestyle service for individual and corporation member. We are pioneers in prestigious living and in providing inspiration to our valued members who endeavour to share their compelling lives with those around them. With strong ties we have built with numerous international luxury brands, we provide our members with exclusive and unrivaled privileges.

At Club ZFU, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest concierge service. By becoming a member, you can pursue the ultimate in prestigious living, you will be entitled to a range of exclusive privileges and enjoy the service rewards, allowing you to experience an unrivalled level of personalised luxury. The Opulence card has been meticulously created with an authentic crystal from Swarovski® to produce the most exquisite membership card you’ve ever seen.

Our dedicated Lifestyle Ambassadors get to know each of their members individually, so that they can recommend the latest fine dining, travel and fashion events before our members have even asked

Our mission at Club ZFU is to bring extraordinary experiences in to your life through luxury and inspiration. With our carefully curated membership tiers, we aim to provide our exclusive members with unique benefits and exquisite privileges unlike those you’ve ever experienced before.


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