PWC Cafeteria by Daldesign

  • 2021


DalDesign is an interior design studio leading innovative solutions in space planning. In 2013, DalDesign was founded by architect Daed Mousa and continues to be one of the leading studios in the region.

The best solutions of interior design are adopted to create art pieces out of spaces by our originative team. At DalDesign, clients are our main objective and we strive to help them recreate a place that is a reflection of who they are, and enrich them with the latest ideas to optimize their life.

Our projects are mainly based on functionality, where the space’s function and design are of equal importance.

This is obvious in PwC’s cafeteria where we made sure that the theme and spirit of PwC is very evident in the colors and design, while maintaining a high functionality of the space.

The cafeteria is the space where employees want to spend some relaxing and joyful time away from the stress of work. The choice of colors like red and orange played a great role in giving warmth to the space.

The cafeteria was not only intended to be a space for eating, but also for hanging out. Therefore, we created the gaming room with transparent doors. The spacious hallways there also make it possible for people to chitchat on their way to grab a bite.

The warm and spacious space fills employees with energy before heading to their working stations.

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