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Ernie Els Wines by Rumour Has It

Ernie Els Wines is set against the spectacular backdrop of the Helderberg Mountains in Stellenbosch, with magnificent views to Table Mountain and the Bay.

RHi was appointed as Interior Brand Architects to steer a massive renovation project and had the privilege to develop a complete core concept with overall brand rollout, embedding the new Brand DNA through an entire range of experiences throughout the Estate.

As the artistry unfolds in the blending process of wine, so does the insatiable curiosity develop in the evolving tapestry of the land.  From the conveying and prevailing of the old to the integration of the new, Ernie Els Wines will be experienced as Synaesthesia… a feast for the five senses.

The newly renovated Ernie Els Wine Estate includes various Wine tasting areas, a farm-to-table Restaurant, outdoor Grillwork’s gastronomy, boutique Fermentation & Barrel cellar, a unique private Winemaker’s and Chef’s table experience and Libraries with books to feast on.

We based the design concept on Modern Farmhouse Interior, but with a unique local imprint. From a range of artisanal fabrics and tiles, bespoke furniture, handcrafted carpentry and commissioned works of art, to purpose made light fittings and accessories, nothing was left to chance.

A range of tailored back of house uniforms, custom designed signage and wallpaper, beautiful packaging and more, complete the Life and Soul of Wine, Art, and Culinary experiences.

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