Founded on decades of coffee trading experience, 30 NORTH has transformed the Egyptian coffee experience. The scrutiny, the knowledge, the obsession that goes into every bean we roast is only the tip of the iceberg.

30 NORTH is a story that proudly originates in Cairo; an experience that unfolds with every bean, every brew, and every tale shared within its walls.

30 NORTH elevates every fleeting sensation that a cup of coffee beholds to a journey full of intrigue; from the moment it washes across the palate, tickling the senses with volumes of rich expressions, to the lasting impression left by the coffee’s finish.

Whether it’s a Mexican Altura, a Ugandan Kilimanjaro or a Peruvian Chancamayo; a light roast or a medium roast, 30 NORTH’s Roast Master becomes a master story teller who brings tastes and flavors from around the world to every cup.

30 NORTH’s baristas tap into the latest brewing and extraction methods from around the world to craft every cup of artisanal coffee served.

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