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Slayer Espresso




As designer and manufacturer of revolutionary espresso machines, Slayer has captivated the interest of a discerning global clientele. Rooted in the coffee rich city of Seattle, WA, Slayer has been the catalyst for elevating the worldwide standard for specialty coffee and provoking innovation in the industry since 2007.

Slayer is the recipient of the “Best New Product People’s Choice” award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (Slayer Espresso Single Group) in 2015––a commercial machine known for its prestige in the residential market. The ground-breaking manufacturer was also awarded the “Best New Product at the Show” at World of Coffee, Dublin 2016. In recognition of their strong sense of design and creativity, the company also received the “Best Pop Up Booth Design” for SCA Expo Boston 2019. 

Official members of SCA with deep roots in coffee and continued efforts toward the advancement of the industry, the future of Slayer Espresso Machines is bright.


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