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Royal Coffee Maker




Serve coffee the way it’s done at the palace.

Elevate your coffee service and reignite memories of imperial times when high society and royalty gathered at salons for high-coffee.

Don’t let after-dinner coffee be an afterthought

Make it a masterpiece.

Our desire at Royal Paris is to recreate an imperial experience for the most discerning palates and those who love to live well. Handcrafted by our award-winning Parisian sculptor, Monsieur Rieutort spends countless hours chiseling each objet.
The glasswork is custom-made, numbered and hand-painted at the Baccarat factory in Nancy, France. The machine is firmly seated on a semi-precious stone base, such as malachite, black obsidian or azurite and is custom-polished and machined in Germany, followed by a preferred finish of 24K gold, copper or silver. Family crests or initials can be engraved for added heritage.

Made as a bespoke piece in limited edition, each creation is custom-made to your requirements, numbered and taken through a final test by our master craftsmen.

Royal Paris coffee maker is more than a statement of extraordinary taste, it is a commitment to making every moment of your life extraordinary and celebrating with those you love.

It isn’t just about brewing the finest coffee or being the celebrated host. It is about elevating every moment and celebrating life at the highest level. It is about honoring tradition and creating a new legacy.


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