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Patisserie-Conseil Ltd




Patisserie-Conseil is a small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate makers dedicated to bringing you the world’s most authentic, handcrafted, single Estate chocolate. Their distinctive dark chocolate is made in its purest form with only natural ingredients – organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter and organic coconut palm sugar. Throughout the process, Patisserie-Conseil takes special steps to ensure that the premium chocolate delivers our signature, intense, smooth-melting taste. With each bite, you can taste its divine purity on your palate.

Patisserie-Conseil is passionate about the quality and character of our chocolate. Their farm-to-table approach begins by travelling the world to build relationships with cacao farmers. This allows Patisserie-Conseil to work with only the finest cacao beans containing the most intense and complex flavours. Each cacao bean offers different nuances of flavour making them truly unique. Intensive quality assurance in the selection of premium cocoa beans means that Patisserie-Conseil accept only the highest quality of cocoa beans. The uniqueness of their product is due to the fact that Patisserie-Conseil make custom made natural chocolate containing less sugar, complementing a healthy lifestyle and well-being, with variations and flavours depending on consumer preferences.

Patisserie-Conseil’s mission is to share the joy and magic of craft chocolate with guests by hosting one-of-a-kind tasting experiences. At their Boutique Laboratory located in the heart of London, Patisserie-Conseil invite you to join them for a rare insight into the exclusive world of bean-to-bar chocolate making.

Arrive a guest, leave as a friend.


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