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Bonte Filipidis™




Bonte Filipidis™ is a prestigious boutique real estate agency that specializes in offering bespoke property investment and 360 relocation advice in Portugal and Spain (Ibiza). Established in 2014 by the dynamic duo of Alexandra Victoria Bonte and James Filipidis, the company has become synonymous with luxury and personalized service in the real estate industry.

With a deep understanding of the significance of property investments in the lives of their clients, Bonte Filipidis™ is committed to providing a tailored and personalized experience. Whether clients are seeking to buy or sell a property, the company’s dedication to meeting unique needs sets them apart from their competitors.

For discerning buyers, Bonte Filipidis™ initiates the process by conducting a comprehensive market study and personalized research to identify the most exceptional properties available. Leveraging their extensive network of partners and resources, the company ensures clients have access to the finest options. Moreover, they go the extra mile by organizing travel arrangements and property visits.

Throughout the investment process, Bonte Filipidis™ acts as a trusted bridge between all intermediaries, expertly handling the necessary paperwork, and connecting clients with a network of professionals, including lawyers, bankers, mortgage brokers, engineers, architects, relocation companies, and janitorial services.

The dedication does not end with the investment, as Bonte Filipidis™ continues to provide ongoing support and guidance. They oversee the management and maintenance of clients’ properties, ensuring they are well-cared for and their investments are protected. Should clients require property conversions to adapt to changing needs and desires, the company readily provides assistance.

For sellers, Bonte Filipidis™ conducts an in-depth market study to determine the ideal price for their property. They expertly manage staging, renovations, and repairs to present the property in the best possible light. Professional photo shoots, drone footage, and social media content are employed to showcase the property’s unique features. Throughout the sale, the company acts as skilled intermediaries, handling inquiries, offers, and negotiations while advocating for the seller’s interests.

Even after a successful sale, Bonte Filipidis™ remains dedicated to providing support and guidance. They take pride in ensuring that the specific needs and desires of their clients are met at every stage of the real estate process.

Bonte Filipidis™
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